2017–2018 Autumn / Winter Collection

candles were created by rubber eraser stamps. Available in two variations in textile: the one of rather quiet with fewer candles, and the other of warmer feeling with many candles.

This design depicts the world where flowers dancing as if in a kaleidoscope. Uplifted feelings are expressed in details such as fine pleated neckline and a waist ribbon. Made of wool silk, the textile has the great luster.

finger stripe
A print of long “finger” ovals aligned like stripes. These lines are freehand drawings. This very soft blouse is made of long-haired cashmere gauze.

petal flame
Deeply connected with a theme of 17-18AW, this design resembles both petals and flame. Petal flame reminds of a folklore pattern passed from generation to generation. Reinforcing finish is applied on the embroidery at the waist and the hem. A sequence of colors creates pleasant rhythms.

Jacquard weave enables this elaborate design of passionate flowers and a dimension to the look. Using three colors for the first time in Jacquard weaving, the fabric has gained a sense of shadow and depth. There are three variations of color. It’s like each would express a passage of time in a garden.

Fine embroidery is used to depict a scene of full ears hanging lowest and swinging by wings. As is made of luster silk, this comfortable blouse with gathers is light and has a pleasant feel.

The signature tambourine of minä perhonen were to dance freely on this garment. The embroidery of every small dot is not even in size and that subtle difference creates a gentle impression. At our first attempt to align dots on a tape, the pattern showed her new face on a coat and a skirt.

shadow mist
Made of cashmere velvet on silk base, the simple silhouette dress feels nice and soft. Drapes cast soft shadow as well as delicate gloss.

photograph : Norio Kidera
hair & make-up : Eri Akamatsu (esper.)
model : Sakura Maya Michiki, Ibuki Sakai